13413587_1810903259129424_1771872794305151909_nRio Sidik is big in Bali. You might have seen him performing at…well, just about everywhere, from the ever-popular jazz jams at Ryoshi Bali to the big music festivals. Tomorrow, Friday 17th The Golden Trumpet will be eating girls hearts live at La Dunia, Batu Bolong. But today – today he’s all ours!

1.How many years have you been trumpeting through the Bali hearts?

– I’ve been playing trumpet since I was 8, and been playing in Bali since I was 18, and now I’m 37…you do the math, haha!

2.You are a proper Bali Rockstar. Do groupies throwing their knickers onto the stage when you perform?;)

– I’m not a rockstar, just a musician. I play trumpet and I can sing, I grew up in the musician family, I have toured the world with my music…I am very blessed. I do have fans: they are on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and And yes, many groupies too! Not only in Bali 😉

3. The “bestseller” song that you loath to bits but have to perform to please the crowd?

– YEP, I do have one! “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

4. An all-time favorite super-mega “blockbuster” cover hit?

– Georgia On My Mind

5. Dream on: what is the most unusual track you’d like to cover in the future?

– Maybe something of Coldplay? Haha!

6. “Summertime, and the living is easy” – what you reckon, does this line still apply to life in Bali?

– Well, it depends on which part of Bali you want to stay in. Yes, if it’s in the village area or in the mountains. But in Denpasar or Kuta, even Seminyak…might be a whole different story!

Rio Sidik Quartet At Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2015

Rio Sidik Quartet At Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2015

One of the major comeback of the festival! Welcome back Rio Sidik! Rio performed at the  Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival before in 2012 with his astonishing and memorable performance!

Although trumpet has existed long before jazz was born, trumpet has a significant role in this music. The trumpet has been using as the lead instrument since the birth of jazz in New Orleans. The character of trumpet which is loud and cutting can always allows the melody to be heard regardless what the other instruments are doing. Trumpet can carry the melody, can be seducing, can be provocative and of course able to run manic improvisations. From time to time Indonesia’s blessed by having great trumpeters. One of the leading ones is Rio Sidik.

Born and raised in Surabaya, the capital of East Java and build his career in the Land of Gods Bali, Rio has been active in the music scene over the years with many shiny achievements. The most recent one was when he collaborated with trumpeter Maurice Brown and the fab

Incognito at the Bali Live International Jazz Festival 2014. He is known to be top Indonesia trumpeter and singer too.

What’s next? Well, Rio decides to move fast. Along with his group the Rio Sidik Quintet, he’s set to release his second album titled “Sound of the Mystical Vibe”. Rio Sidik who also stands as the producer for the album decides to make it in different way. “This album is going to be made as Audio & Video Recording, because I want the fans to capture the energy when we perform live on stage. CD is good but it can’t hold the visual aspects.” said Rio during his live recording session at Ican Studio Live, Jakarta on Tuesday Night (April 1, 2014).

In this album, Rio Sidik leads on trumpet and vocal. Joining him are Ito Kurdhi (bass), man (keyboard/piano), Jeko Fauzy (gitar), Eddy Siswanto (drums). The album contains 10 songs, mostly written by Rio himself. I wrote some songs during my trip to Europe. That’s why there

are some songs with the title of “Autumn in Moscow” and “Barceloneta” among them.” he said.

If you still don’t know much about this experienced trumpeter, let’s see a brief biography of him. Said to have music as a part of his life even since he was still in her mom’s belly, Rio seems to get it from his grandfather, also a trumpeter, Daryono, a big band leader. Not only the talent, but Daryono is the one who inducted him into music, built him to be an excellent trumpeter as well as strict education, strong work ethic and commitment. Other than his grandfather, his grandmother was a singer too that then continued by his mom and aunt.

This elder brother of soap opera actor, Dian Sidik has already played trumpet since he was still 8 years old. He started gracing the stage since 11-12 years old. “So I’m the third generation (in music),” he said while stating that he’s been playing all over places as early as 14 years of age.

His name rose after Indra Lesmana brought him inside the Reborn group/project in the first year of the third millennium. He frequently appeared with the late legend Bubi Chen, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra and with his music partner, keyboardist Erik Sondhy among others. Speaking of live performance, he’s done it all. He has been touring to South Africa twice, frequently visits Malaysia at least twice a year, Singapore, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Netherland and Russia, just to mention a few. With his world music fusion band Saharadja he has participated in the first Java Jazz Festival in 2005 among many other prestigious spots.

Now let’s go more specifically to Rio Sidik and his jazzy side. According to him, jazz is not something he planned, but it’s more like something that flows naturally. “I play all kind of musics. About jazz… I just like it. Jazz means freedom. But I don’t want to be labelled as a jazz musician, because I’m willing to play the other genres too, as long as it is good.” he explained.

It can be clearly seen by the song choice he put up on the Sound of the Mystical Vibe where you can find variety of musical colors inside. “This one is more into soft jazz, more easy listening. So me has jazz standards pattern, but there are some pops too. (The album is a rich in variety, just like the process of life”, he said while smiling.

Speaking of his quintet, we enjoyed the performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2012. Being inspired by all time great trumpeters such as Miles Davis, Freddy Hubbard, Arturo Sandoval and Dizzy Gillespie, possessing a special gift in music and wide arrays of experiences shape him to be an acclaimed musician. Some says he’s playing a world class jazz fusion, but he often covers much wider musical terrains. He mixes his virtuoso trumpet solo with cool smooth, soulful  singing style. He’s a charismatic band leader yet he’s easy going and joyful on stage which often brings happy mood to his audience. He’s capable in writing and composing too. All of these are the quality found inside Rio Sidik which should be able to bring him as one of the top world musicians particularly in jazz.

Along with the release of Rio Sidik’s second album “Sound of the Mystical Vibe”, he wishes to add more colors into the Indonesia’s music market and also the international scene in general.

“May this album bring happiness to the music lovers and make more people listen to my music”. 10 songs found in the album are Too Much to Forget, Whisper from God, Kesari, Autumn in Moscow, Tak Bisa Mendua, Andai, On My Scooter, Hope and, Love, Make Somebody Happy.

If you live or visit Bali, check out his gig schedule in his page Facebook page at ‘Rio Sidik Bali’.

Twitter at ‘riosidik’.

Listen to some of his songs at Sound Cloud


Get ready to grab his newest album released in both audio and video format, and experience the mystical vibe with your ears, eyes and senses.

Listen to Rio Sidik’s newly launched “The Sound of Mystical Vibe” Album by Rio Sidik on iTunes.

‘Music at Newsroom,’ Wadah Musisi Berkarya dan Berkisah

‘Music at Newsroom,’ Wadah Musisi Berkarya dan Berkisah

Ardita Mustafa, CNN Indonesia
Jumat, 12/06/2015 16:10 WIB



Music at Newsroom (CNNIndonesia Free Watermark/Logo: Fajrian, Gambar latar diolah dari

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia Indonesia memiliki beragam jenis musik. Dan tidak sedikit musisinya yang mengharumkan nama bangsa.Sama seperti para pekerja di bidang kreatif lainnya, para musisi juga butuh media sebagai wadah untuk menampilkan bakat mereka. Di Indonesia, telah banyak media cetak dengan pemberitaan musik yang baik. Namun sayang, media elekronik, seperti televisi, justru belum sepenuhnya menjadi perantara antara musisi dan penggemarnya.Tayangan musik yang disiarkan beberapa stasiun televisi setiap hari memang menghibur, tapi rata-rata kurang memberikan sesuatu yang baru atau bermutu. Padahal banyak bakat-bakat musik potensial yang butuh disiarkan.

Situs web berita berusaha untuk menjawab kebutuhan tersebut. Dengan memberikan ruang bagi para musisi berkualias untuk bersuara dan menunjukkan karya, diharapkan acara Music at Newsroom bisa menjadi wadah baru bagi para musisi untuk berkreasi.

Bersamaan dengan datangnya Bulan Suci Ramadan, Music at Newsroom akan diselenggarakan di situs web setiap Rabu pukul 16.00-17.00 WIB, mulai 17 Juni hingga 15 Juli 2015.

Musisi yang akan diundang tampil adalah Rio Sidik, Sore, White Shoes and The Couples Company, Neonomora serta Sandhy Sondoro.

Selain tampil membawakan lagu-lagu milik sendiri, bintang tamu yang diundang juga diajak berbincang mengenai prestasi dan pencapaian mereka selama ini, juga kabar teranyar mereka.

Acara juga akan semakin menarik karena musisi akan membawakan satu lagu cover yang selama ini menjadi inspirasi mereka.


Ikuti diskusi dan kirim pendapat anda melalui form di bawah ini atau klik di sini


Rio Sidik, Sang Bintang Perdana CNN Music at Newsroom

Rio Sidik, Sang Bintang Perdana CNN Music at Newsroom

Vega Probo, CNN Indonesia
Rabu, 17/06/2015 12:50 WIB
Rio Sidik, Sang Bintang Perdana CNN Music at Newsroom
Rio Sidik siap meramaikan acara CNN Music at Newsroom yang disiarkan perdana pada Rabu (17/6), pukul empat sore. (CNNIndonesia Free Watermark/Logo: Fajrian, Gambar latar diolah dari
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia Beroleh kesempatan sebagai musisi pertama yang tampil di acara CNN Music at Newsroom (MAN) yang disiarkan secara langsung via laman CNN Indonesia, diakui Rio Sidik membuatnya tersanjung.Acara yang menyajikan pertunjukan musik akustik sekaligus bincang-bincang ini akan disiarkan sepanjang Ramadan. Episode perdana disiarkan, pada Rabu (17/6), pukul empat sore. “Saya merasa terhormat diundang ke acara ini,” kata Rio, sebagaimana disampaikan melalui manajernya, Fenni. “Apalagi beberapa artis lain yang diundang ke acara ini oke-oke.” Bagi musisi kelahiran Surabaya, Jawa Timur, ini CNN MAN bukan sekadar acara musik atau bincang-bincang biasa. Lebih dari itu, acara ini juga mengedukasi pemirsanya.

“Dari sisi acara, saya merasa pas. Sajiannya sekaligus untuk mengedukasi pemirsa CNN Indonesia dan pencinta musik,” kata peniup terompet yang membangun karier di Pulau Dewata. Sepanjang kariernya, Rio telah menjalin berkolaborasi dengan sejumlah musisi dunia. Sebut saja, peniup terompet Maurice Brown, juga Incognito di Bali Live International Jazz Festival 2014. Indonesia patut berbangga memiliki peniup terompet sekaliber Rio yang sudah melanglang Afrika Selatan, Malaysia, Singapura, Australia, Portugal, Spanyol, Belanda and Rusia, untuk bermusik. Rio sudah mengenal musik sejak masih jabang bayi. Sang ibu, yang gemar menyanyi, kerap memperdengarkannya lagu-lagu kesayangan. Begitu juga sang kakek, Daryono, yang seorang peniup terompet. Daryono membekali cucunya dengan pengetahuan musikal, dari instrumen, etos kerja, sampai komitmen. Diakui Rio, sang kakek mengajarinya dengan penuh kedisiplinan. Menginjak usia remaja, 14 tahun, Rio sudah berkeliling untuk bermusik. Termasuk berpartisipasi bersama Reborn, grup bentukan Indra Lesmana, pada awal milenium kedua. Di pergaulan barunya, Rio pun tak asing dengan para musisi jazz legendaris, dari Bubi Chen sampai Erwin Gutawa. Namun Rio mengelak disebut sebagai musisi jazz. “Saya memainkan banyak jenis musik.” Begitu pengakuan Rio sebagaimana tertera di akun Facebook-nya. Sekalipun menyukai jazz, ia tak ingin dilabeli sebagai musisi jazz. “Saya juga tertarik memainkan genre lain, selama terbilang baik,” katanya. Dalam kamusnya, “Jazz berarti kebebasan,” karena itu Rio tak ingin dikotak-kotakkan dalam genre tertentu. Bagaimana apiknya Rio bermusik bisa disimak lewat album ke-dua Sound of the Mystical Vibe. “Album ini kaya variasi,” kata Rio, “tak ubahnya proses kehidupan.” Sore ini, pukul 16.00 WIB, Rio siap menampilkan bakat musikalnya sekaligus mengisahkan pengalaman serunya selama bermusik di acara perdana CNN MAN. Jangan sampai terlewat!

Ikuti diskusi dan kirim pendapat anda melalui form di bawah ini atau klik di sini


Alasan Rio Sidik Ketagihan Manggung

Festival Java Jazz meninggalkan kenangan manis bagi Rio – Java Jazz Festival ke-11 yang telah selesai dihelat minggu lalu, menyisakan kenangan manis bagi musisi Rio Sidik. Pria yang telah tampil lebih dari lima kali di perhelatan musik akbar itu merasa ada yang berbeda di JJF 2015. Aura penonton lebih terasa antusias dibanding tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

“Tahun ini lebih banyak orang yang sudah mengapresiasi musik jazz. Terlihat dari antusias dan jumlah penonton yang semakin membeludak. Aku masih ingat bagaimana mereka menikmati pertunjukan aku,” kata Rio saat ditemui di kawasan Senayan, baru-baru ini.

Saat JJF, Rio membawakan tujuh lagu dari enam yang direncanakan. Penonton kurang puas dan ia mengentaskannya dengan lagu ‘On My Scooter’.

Meski JJF 2015 banyak diwarnai musisi yang kental dengan pop, Rio tak mengambil pusing. Menurutnya, justru dengan cara itu bisa menarik minat mereka yang awalnya memandang jazz sebelah mata.

“Menurut aku sih sah-sah saja. Lebih banyak orang yang dengerin musik jazz ya lebih bagus. Yang penting spirit begitu terasa saat di Java Jazz kemarin,” ujarnya.

Pria yang baru mengeluarkan album ‘The Soun of Mystical Vibe’ ini juga seolah ketagihan untuk terus tampil di Java Jazz Festival. Ia berharap lebih banyak orang Indonesia yang mengapresiasi musiknya nanti.

“Apresiasinya itu asyik. Ada suatu kebahagiaan tersendiri ketika melihat begitu banyak orang yang menyanyikan lagu kita. Aku sih selalu menantikan hal itu terulang kembali,” kata pria yang juga kerap tampil di luar negeri itu. (one) Oleh : Lesthia Kertopati, Ichsan Suhendra

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